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Earliest known Verhulst ancestor for these researchers (THANK YOU!):
Engelbertus Verhulst (1750 Leuven)
Franciscus Verhulst (1575 Antwerpen)
Hector Verhulst (1883): Frans
Joseph Verhulst (1800): Jim
Judocus Verhulst (1600 Middelburg)
Maria Julia Verhulst (1875): Paul
Petrus Verhulst (1427 Temse): Eric & Fanny & Karen & Marcel
Petrus Verhulst (1520 Mechelen): Erica & Herman
Other Belgium Verhulst families
France Researchers Ignace Verhulst (1700): Patrick
Josse Verhulst (1625): Didier
Carolus Verhulst (1750 Zuid-Holland): Anja
Henricus Verhulst (1700 Oosterhout): Bert & Hans & Marco
Jacobus Verhulst (1650): Granvyl
Jan Verhulst (1675 Zeeland): Angelique & Heleen & Pieter & Peiter & Victoria
Johannes Verhulst (1850): Dion & Thea
Leendert Verhulst (1800): Don
Pieter Verhulst (1600 Kortgene): Holly & John & Martin & Michiel & Tijmen & Winny
Other Netherlands Verhulst families
United States
Albert Verhulst (1900): David
James Verhulst: Matthew
Marinus Verhulst (1875): Susan


Other Spellings: Verhelst, Verelst, Vergult, VerHulst

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